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Moving Abroad

House moving is probably the biggest event most of us will experience in our lives - so moving HOME to live in another COUNTRY has to rank even higher! The excitement and anticipation of a new life abroad is immense: new job to experience, new friends to make, new horizons to explore.

There is, of course, a great deal of work to do, and many decisions to make, before you can embark on your momentous journey. What to take with you, how to transport it all, what will it cost and who to turn to for advice? This is where AJS can help.

You will probably make a move like this only once - but we've been doing it regularly for over 21 years!

We can offer you a basic, NO-NONSENSE, ULTRA FRIENDLY and PERSONAL service to help you move your effects in the CHEAPEST possible way to the country you will be making your new home. So let AJ Shipping help you with your international relocation

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